Good News! – What is the Story of the Gospel?

Hi, I just wanted to provide you guys with the most basic form of the gospel, told in a story format. I hope this proves to be a great evangelism tool (People love stories!) as well as provide some closure on the central storyline of the Bible. This is just a bare bones, dry skeleton – so feel free to embellish it however you want!

  • A God exists who created the universe
  • This God intended to work with humans as co-rulers, in a loving and perfect relationship
  • Humans, being innately sinful, have rejected our God and chosen rebellion and self-rule, causing pain and devastation throughout the world. (What is the reason for basically every single problem on this planet? Humans. Also, if we blame all our problems on culture, who created culture? Culture is just the amalgamation of common human characteristics and behaviors.  If Culture sucks, it’s cause we suck.)
  • Lovingly choosing to reconcile us back to himself, God sent Jesus, a living, breathing human being who walked on this earth as the very presence of God himself.
  • Jesus performed miracles and taught about the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God with himself as King, was crucified by Romans around AD 30, and rose from the dead three days later and appeared to many witnesses.
  • These witnesses went around proclaiming Jesus as the King and the only way to salvation and reconciliation with God – and becoming holy, blameless, guiltless new creations and living new lives through God’s promises.
  • Jesus is coming back one day to judge the earth and destroy his enemies, and to bring his loved followers into an everlasting kingdom and a restored world where all wrongs are made right.

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