Personal Proverbs (Updates Ongoing)

“Patience favors the lazy.”

“Every scar is a story.” (Both physical and mental)

“Vulnerability is the shortcut to humanity.”

“The best gift you can give someone is to listen to them until you fully understand them.”

“If you separate yourself from a group at any disagreement, how can you lead them? You can’t lead a group unless you’re a part of them. You can’t influence a culture or a people group unless you’re a part of them. You must identify with them and become one with them, and seek their good as if it was your own, and then they will listen.”

“Even if you don’t like your smile, be brave enough to smile. Even if you don’t like your laugh, be brave enough to laugh.”

“You may not intrinsically value small talk, but it’s a necessary step to get through before you can have any meaningful conversation.”

“Satan wants you to feel like you’re all alone and no one gets you, and you can’t reach out to anyone. Be brave enough to spit in his face every time he tells you that, and to form genuine connections with the ones around you.”

“Your life can never be too shitty for God to redeem.”

“You may not intrinsically value chores, cleaning, and life maintenance, but they are the scaffolding required to build the house that actually matters.”

“Success is whatever you choose it to be.”

“Every form of government is flawed because humanity is flawed. If government is too powerful and controlling, you run the risk of corruption and oppression in a few generations. If government is too weak and laissez-faire, you run the risk of the powerful oppressing the weak, simply because it is the most convenient and economical thing to do. Politics is a series of trade-offs…you’re choosing having certain problems over others.” (Take this with a grain of salt, I’m still developing it).

“Your pain makes you into who you are. Choose to respond to your own pain by being compassionate to others, because it is the right thing to do. God will surely reward you.”

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