Testimony Tract – An Unshakeable Hope


What made you Lord, to die for me? Why would you die for me, your enemy? You took my place to hang on a tree To be a curse, MY curse for me. You loved me, Lord, so very long. And with a love enduring and strong Although I mocked and cursed you so long … Continue reading Testimony Tract – An Unshakeable Hope

Truth is Controversial. So was Jesus.

FeaturedJesus Controversial Truth

There will be those who will tell us that it's arrogant to say that our worldview is right, and someone else's is wrong. That we're claiming to have a monopoly on the truth. History is written by the victors, isn't it? That might be your truth, but it's not my truth. Is truth even knowable? … Continue reading Truth is Controversial. So was Jesus.

Good News! – What is the Story of the Gospel?

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Hi, I just wanted to provide you guys with the most basic form of the gospel, told in a story format. I hope this proves to be a great evangelism tool (People love stories!) as well as provide some closure on the central storyline of the Bible. This is just a bare bones, dry skeleton … Continue reading Good News! – What is the Story of the Gospel?