Welcome back!….me.

Ever come back to something so old, you could barely recognize yourself? Read old essays, pull up your memory box, and come face to face with a version of you that rings of a stranger? Yeah, that just happened to me - reading this blog again for a while. I was actually reminded of it … Continue reading Welcome back!….me.

Personal Proverbs (Updates Ongoing)

"Patience favors the lazy." "Every scar is a story." (Both physical and mental) "Vulnerability is the shortcut to humanity." "The best gift you can give someone is to listen to them until you fully understand them." "If you separate yourself from a group at any disagreement, how can you lead them? You can't lead a … Continue reading Personal Proverbs (Updates Ongoing)

Myers Briggs – Intro to Cognitive Functions


Hey, so I wanted to kick off my first post with explaining a little bit of Cognitive theory.  The Myers-Briggs personality theory is one of my favorites - for understanding people and understanding yourself.  So, the way Myers-Briggs tests work is that they ask you questions related to 4 dichotomies - E or I, S … Continue reading Myers Briggs – Intro to Cognitive Functions